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福 (Fú) Collection

福 (Fú) Collection

Fu Collection 7hearts
It is pronounced <Fú> in Chinese, <Bok> in Korean, <Fulu> in Japanese, <Phúc> in Vietnamese.

A little background story of the letter 福 <Fú>.

Many asian languages come from Chinese. It is the same for Spanish, French or Italian, they come from Latin and each country modified it to their own language. The same for Korean and Japanese and so on and so forth. Each Chinese character is a symbol or a group of sub symbols which represent each letter to its meaning.
For 福 <Fú> in particular, it’s a group of 4 sub-symbols and they are
1. God or Lord <示>,
2. The number one <>,
3. Entrance <> and 
4. Field <>.
The combination of these characters makes Fú and it means blessing, happiness, prosperity, good fortune, good luck and wealth. Conclusion it has endless positive meanings and all good things that we wish to be or we want.
Who doesn’t want to be happy, have fortune and be lucky? Especially in this hard time that we are going thru now.
This is very popular character in Asia. You’ll see it everywhere and anywhere, especially in the New Year. The popular greeting is, I wish you get a lot of 福 <Fú> and obviously you are saying I wish you all the good that can happen to you.
Our main reason we thought that it will be great to bring a new collection for 2021 with endless positive and good stuff combined in a simple character 福 Fú.

Red and Gold

The meaning behind those 2 colors, red and gold.
Red is a very popular color in Asian culture, you will see lots of red in flags, worn by traditional brides, special ceremony outfits, signs and red symbolizes luck, joy and happiness. Red is delivered to ward off evil. Red represent summer season and the element for that is fire, which is associated with the heart, and it’s used to decorate the kitchen to attract good luck to the household.
That’s another reason that we see a lots of Chinese restaurant with red colored signs even some places serve the food on red plates.
Gold symbolizes wealth and riches in Asian culture Gold is the same in Western culture as well. Let’s say worldwide it symbolizes wealth. There are lots of items in gold colors that we use everyday. It’s to express wealth and power or to attract prosperity to their home.

For our Limited Edition.

福 <Fú> T-Shirt

Our first design is a big gold letter 福 <Fú> in a red t-shirt.
We want you to be happy, wealthy and be lucky for this coming 2021.
It is a limited edition, we added an extra gold logo for more fortune, happiness and prosperity for the coming year. Because it’s a red t-shirt, it will bring more fortune, more blessing, and more happiness.
Fu T-Shirt

Our next design is a Gold Ox.

In Asian Zodiac it is for 2021...year of the Ox.
According to the Chinese zodiac, 2021 is going to be lucky and also perfect to focus in a relationship, weather we are talking about friendship or love.
The Ox is very hardworking and methodical. 2021 is going to be a year where work will get rewarded and those zodiac signs are lucky in terms of money. This year will be the one that will be considerable with effort.
We thought it will be great to bring a gold Ox to our design. Available in yellow gold and a modern rose gold.
Ox T-Shirt
Ox Rose Gold

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