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7hearts Story

7hearts Neon Sign

Our Story

7hearts was born on our 7 year wedding anniversary. It has been 7 years of happiness, lots of love and of course a lot traveling and fun. 

Story of the LOGO and the NAME.

I wanted to do something special and unique for our 7 year anniversary. The small business idea was already in the works, so I got some machines. First a 3D printer, then a vinyl cutter and a heat press machine. 

I decided to do some T-shirts for our anniversary gift, I was sketching I came up with the heart and 7 in it and I loved it at first sight.

A heart with a 7 inside was simple but it meant a lot to us, (sometimes less is more) so I made the T-shirts and my hubby loved the surprise. 

I loved the heart design so much that I really wanted to use it for our business and suddenly “7hearts” was born. I asked my hubby what he thinks about it and he loved it as well.

It was very exciting and thrilling to have a name and logo that we both love. This is part of our journey together.

As a creative director, I promise that our designs will be something different, bold, fun, happy and unique giving you positive vibes. 

Our dream is to spread our brand and product to get us to our next step, to help LGBTQ teens who struggle with their family or friends and let them know that they are not alone. They are loved and we will help to support them as much as we can.

My hubby had a hard time with his parents when he came out. We know that struggle, we want to help those teens when and where we can. 

The Start

This is just a beginning of our journey, please join us in our story and be part of our dream. 

Remember you are not alone. We want to help you make it thru this hard time together and one last thing, LOVE WINS!

Tons of love, the creative director, Jae and my hubby Guy. xoxo